Repair and Certification of Bio-Safety Cabinets, Incubators, HEPA Filtration Systems and much more..

RC is committed to providing the highest quality and uncompromising services to meet the specific needs of our clients throughout the US Northeast.

RC has more than 25 years of experience, providing comprehensive testing and certification services to the biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical industries research and medical communities.

Since today's research and production facilities must provide complete environmental control to assure the required product and personnel protection, RC offers a complete range of testing and certification services for clean rooms and other controlled spaces. Our specialized services help to insure that our clients meet the rigorous standards by their respective industry, FDA or other regulatory agencies.

RC service technicians are highly trained professionals that specialize in providing total systems service and support. All testing is performed in accordance with established RC Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) and in compliance with the applicable regulations and standards. RC provides each client with a thorough report that details the test procedures, results and conclusions.

RC knows what it takes to keep your equipment in top shape. Our qualified staff works with you to find cost-effective solutions to your equipment service needs. 

 Now Offering Electrostatic Spraying